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    Dr. Ciardiello has worked with some of the most respected cosmetic and general dentists around the world and continues to seek out the latest and most advanced dental treatments. By staying up to date with the newest dental technology, Dr. Ciardiello is able to provide his patients with the best possible options for helping them achieve their perfect smile. His passion is creating beautiful smiles in harmony with overall facial esthetics.

    Your smile is your signature. Its the first and last thing people notice.
    Dr. Ciardiello can enhance the beauty and health of your signature smile to help you achieve your ideal look.


    Bonding is a procedure that is best used for minor cosmetic updates or temporary correction of cosmetic defects. It is very conservative, but can help repair decaying teeth, minor chips, cracks or gaps. This procedure is very fast and affordable. Dr. Ciardiello has trained for many years perfecting his technique at creating artistic and beautiful bondings that can enhance a patients smile.

    Crowns & Bridges

    Crown and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing teeth or implants and can not be removed by patient. These can be used to restore natural teeth or replace missing ones. Crowns (or “caps”) are used to entirely cover a damaged tooth. They strengthen a damaged tooth and can be used to improve appearance, shape or alignment. A dental bridge may be recommended if you’re missing one or more teeth. When a patient loses a tooth the gap left can cause the remaining teeth to rotate or shift into that empty space, eventually leading to problems with a bite. Creating a bridge usually involves putting a crown on the teeth adjacent to the gap and adding a false tooth to the middle.


    Dental implants are metal posts or screws that are surgically placed into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once there, a crown can be fabricated to replace the missing tooth. In most situations, these are an ideal option for people in good general oral health who have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, injury, decay or any other reason. The benefit of dental implants over bridges includes being more tooth-saving. The adjacent teeth do not have to be crowned in order to replace the missing tooth. In addition, they offer many years of improved stability, function and bone retention. Currently, Dr. Ciardiello is training to place his own implants, but for the time being he partners with local surgeons to place the implants in which he then restores with a crown.


    Invisalign is a removable orthodontic appliance offered as an alternative to traditional braces. They are intended for patients who do not want a mouthful of metal. The treatment consists of a series of aligners that you switch usually every two weeks. Each aligner is designed precisely from exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.

    Metal-free Fillings

    While Dr. Ciardiello still offers amalgam (metal) fillings, he has extensive training in placing the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing composite (tooth color) fillings. They blend in with your natural smile and require only the removal of compromised tooth enamel. These fillings can last many years when placed by an experienced dentist.

    Onlays & Inlays

    Porcelain onlays and inlays are fillings used as an alternative to traditional composite fillings. They are molded to fit the tooth precisely without leaving uneven or jagged edges. Since they are porcelain they mimic natural tooth color and structure. They take two visits to complete compared to normal fillings which require only one. The first visit the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken. This impression is sent to the lab to fabricate a natural porcelain restoration which will then be cemented in the patient’s mouth during the second visit. An advantage of onlays and inlays is their conservative preparations when compared to crown and bridge work. In addition, the porcelain resists tooth discoloration and help reinforce the structure of the tooth and prevent further decay.

    Porcelain Veneers

    Porcelain Veneers are custom-created, natural-looking, extremely thin shells of porcelain placed over the facial surfaces of teeth to correct worn enamel, misaligned teeth, cracks, spacing or discoloration. These beautiful thin shells can help create new smiles quickly and efficiently. Veneers can be fabricated in only a few weeks providing a beautiful, natural and quick transformation.

    Teeth Whitening

    Dr. Ciardiello offers in-office and at-home teeth whitening systems.
    What causes tooth discoloration?
    There are many causes of tooth discoloration including aging and the consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tobacco or tea. In addition, during tooth development taking certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline, and consuming excessive fluoride can lead to tooth discoloration.
    Are you a candidate for teeth whitening?
    Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening, but for some, it will be more effective. With a proper oral exam, Dr. Ciardiello can determine if you are a candidate.
    Is it safe?
    Absolutely, research indicates that under proper supervision teeth whitening can be safe and effective. Some sensitivity can occur, but with a proper protocol it can be managed and kept to a minimum.

    Botox & Fillers

    As dentists, we are uniquely qualified to deliver Botox and dermal fillers. We are experts in knowing the muscles of the face and giving painless intra-oral injections. In addition, as a cosmetic dentist my job is not only to create a beautiful smile by restoring teeth, I also have to take into account the surrounding lips, marionette lines and downward facial oral commissures. By doing so there will be a better overall facial esthetic that will allow the patient to make the most out of their smile.

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